We don’t invest in managed funds with their opaque fees and costs of up to 2% per annum or more, tax disadvantages, and lower than even stock market index performance.

What we Offer

What we Offer

Gavin Ross & Co is an independent portfolio management service for high net worth investors (minimum portfolio $5 million) requiring specialist management of their Australian stock market portfolios. We provide a unique service based on superior performance, Australian stock specialists, direct stock portfolios, boutique service, independent, no brokerage, commissions, or conflict of interest, value investing, and absolute security.

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Why choose us

Why choose Us

We provide a record of outstanding performance, through following the “Value Investing” principles made famous by Warren Buffett, applying this methodology to Australian stocks. Successful investment requires time, intensity, patience, and an ability to act instantly opportunity presents itself. We bring all these strengths to work for you.

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Investing Millions

Whether you have $1 Million or $1 Billion the investment principles are the same. Rule No 1 is to only ever buy value. All investment begins and ends with value.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” Warren Buffett. Next integrate and harmonize your financial planning, income requirements, investment options, risk assessment …

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The Gavin Ross & Co Edge is what sets us apart

  • Superior Performance

  • Australian Stock Specialists

  • Direct Stock Portfolios

  • Boutique Service

  • Independent

  • No Brokerage

  • Warren Buffett Value Investors

  • Absolute Security

  • Minimum Portfolio $5 million

At Gavin Ross & Co we provide a boutique service to wealthy investors, throughout Australia, Asia and the world. You are special and important to us, and never one of a crowd. Our dedicated professional staff has been with us for years and you are assured of continuity of service from people you know and who know you.

We are entirely independently owned and operated. We are not linked to any bank, broker, or financial planning or other institution whose products we sell; we have no conflict of interest or hidden agenda. We do not charge or accept brokerage or commission. You are therefore assured that our advice, at all times, is strictly in your best interest, and not aimed at generating a commission for us.

Our Service

Investment Returns

A portfolio of Australian stocks with us yields a dividend income return of 6.5%, with capital growth is on top of that. A stock exchange listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) portfolio yields 6.0% income, plus capital growth. Bank term deposits yield 4.00%, government bonds 3.5%.

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Warren Buffett Value Investing

When you invest like Warren Buffett you live in another world to most investors. You see a business, its operating progress, and its intrinsic value. The ever present market hype, which ultimately has no bearing on your investment outcome, becomes irrelevant.

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Family Office

We are experts, with decades of experience working with wealthy families in investment, financial planning, tax planning, superannuation, family trusts and estate planning. We excel in helping you clarify, simplify and manage your affairs. Tax structures, family trust and company arrangements can lock you in for decades and need to be chosen carefully. Business succession plans, Wills and Estate Plans need to be clearly thought through.

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Why Invest In Australia

Australia has vast mineral wealth, high living standards, rapid population growth, a stable Western democracy, the rule of law, a AAA credit rating, and is one of the world’s preeminent investment destinations.

Australia is the world’s 14th largest economy: one of the world’s largest stock markets, with the sixth largest pool of funds under management in the world; rated AAA with a stable outlook by all three global rating agencies, characterised by low government debt and deficit; the world’s largest producer of iron ore, gold, and uranium; focused on becoming a leading green hydrogen energy export superpower; a highly skilled nation where over 40% of the workforce has a tertiary qualification; the world’s third most popular destination for students; the seventh largest international tourism market; an environment that is ranked in the top 20 out of 190 economies for ease of doing business.

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“Successful investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time.”
Warren Buffet

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