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“It takes a great deal of boldness and a great deal of caution to make a great fortune; and when you have got it, it requires ten times as much wit to keep it.”  Nathan Mayer Rothschild

We are experts, with decades of experience working with wealthy families in investment, financial planning, tax planning, superannuation, family trusts and estate planning. We excel in helping you clarify and simplify your affairs. Tax structures and family trust arrangements can lock you in for decades. Wills need to be clearly thought through. Importantly, we only invest in directly owned stock portfolios in your name, individually tailored and managed according to your personal requirements. This is the most efficient, transparent, secure, and least costly way for high net worth families to invest. Unlike most other family offices we do not invest clients’ monies in managed funds with their high opaque fees and other pitfalls. Investing money carries a great deal of responsibility, not only for yourself, but for your family. Bad decisions can affect a lot of people.

Educating Children About Investment

“One of the best legacies you can leave your child is a sound education in finance.” Gavin Ross

Educating their children about investment is a major concern of wealthy parents.

Some parents set up a portfolio where their son or daughter decides the stocks, property and other investments to buy. The son or daughter do not have access to the capital, but learns about practical investment. When they inherit, they are seasoned investors.

Real investment advice centers on the specific stocks and real estate you might buy, and the income and growth they will provide. Your offspring need to understand and make intelligent decisions about these. 

It’s vital they know the difference between real direct investment in stocks (businesses) and property, and opaque fee, high cost managed products sold on the basis of macroeconomic platitudes.

Your offspring need an intellectual framework to approach investment. The very best is the Warren Buffet principles and methodology set out on this website. But it’s not just a matter of reading these principles, they have to be questioned, absorbed and become part of one’s intellect…..”buy value, get your money’s worth, invest for the long term, ignore the market, ignore the economy, welcome volatility,”

In truth, most of what passes as financial news is irrelevant. It’s written because people need to make a living. Your son or daughter will learn the difference and what matters.

Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary services can include anything and everything to make your lifestyle freer and more enjoyable. For example, employing household staff, gardeners, pool cleaners, attending to home maintenance, trades people, holiday homes, paying household bills, and anything else we can assist you with. Our service is 24/7; if anything unexpectedly needs attention at any time you simply phone us. Your home and security arrangements are taken care of when you travel overseas. We are perfectionists and our staff and service are the absolute best.

Other Family Offices

Family offices were originally set up by ultra wealthy families to administer their affairs, then spread out to invite other ultra rich families to invest with them. Most family offices in our observation are really elaborate “wealth advisors” selling managed products to the ultra rich.

Their main investments and revenue source are collective managed products, many in-house, with their underlying opaque costs, high fees, tax disadvantages, and below market performance.

“Beware the glib helper who fills your head with fantasies….Mega-rich individuals (feeling that it is their lot in life to get the best) listen to the siren song of a high-fee manager. That advice is often delivered in esoteric gibberish…..Those who cannot fill your pocket will confidently fill your ear.” Warren Buffett

To which might be added the old maxim: “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

Investing money carries a great deal of responsibility, not only for yourself, but for your family. Your children’s lives, to a large extent, are dependent on you and your decisions. Bad decisions can affect a lot of people.

If you are rich be grateful, careful, and have a lot of fun. Never underestimate your good fortune, and remember that philanthropic efforts are among the best rewards you can have in a life well lived. Life is to be celebrated, especially if you have the means to do so.

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