Family Office

We are experts, with decades of experience working with wealthy families in investment, financial planning, tax planning, superannuation, family trusts and estate planning. We excel in helping you clarify, simplify and manage your affairs.

Tax structures, family trust and company arrangements can lock you in for decades and need to be chosen carefully.

Business succession plans, Wills and Estate Plans need to be clearly thought through.

Educating adult children about the wealth they will inherit is important.

Investing money carries a great deal of responsibility, not only for yourself, but for your family.  Your children’s lives, to a large extent, are dependent on you and your decisions.

Some practical advice

Investments decisions are the core of a family office. While tax structures, trusts, and wills are important major decisions, they are generally once only decisions. They need to be reviewed when there is a change in tax laws, or in the family situation such as a death or divorce, but generally they do not need to be constantly reviewed with a view to change.

Investments on the other hand need to be under constant review.

Cash flow forecasts and updates can be beneficial.

If you are rich be grateful, careful, and have a lot of fun. Never underestimate your good fortune, and remember that philanthropic efforts are among the best rewards you can have in a life well lived. Life is to be celebrated, especially if you have the means to do so.

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