The Gavin Ross & Co Edge

  • Outstanding Performance – Performance is paramount, the “bottom line” for investors. Our outstanding performance is due to superior knowledge and analysis over many decades.
    • In the latest year our portfolios are up 17.9%, compared to 13.1% for the market.
    • Over the past 12 years our portfolios are up 175%, compared to 127% for the market.
  • Specialists – We are Australian stock investment specialists. This is all we do. We have spent decades studying, analysing and valuing Australian companies.
  • Direct Stock –  A portfolio of directly owned stocks in your name, individually tailored and managed according to your personal requirements, is the most efficient, transparent, secure, and least costly way to invest in stocks. It also provides the best performance. We do not invest client’s monies in managed funds, products or in house pooled vehicles, with their layers of opaque costs, high fees, tax disadvantages, and below market performance.
  • Boutique – We provide a boutique service to investors. You are special and important to us, and never “one of a crowd”. Our dedicated professional staff has been with us for years. You are assured of continuity of service from people you know and who know you. Our minimum portfolio for management is $5,000,000.
  • Independent – We are entirely independently owned and operated. We are not linked to any bank, broker, financial planning or other institution whose products we sell; we have no conflict of interest or hidden agenda.
  • No Brokerage – We do not charge or accept brokerage or commission. You are therefore assured that our advice, at all times, is strictly in your best interest, and not aimed at generating a commission for us.
  • Warren Buffett Value Investors – We follow the “Value Investing” principles made famous by Warren Buffett, applying this methodology to Australian stocks. This explains our superior performance. Like Buffett we are only interested in the true, real or intrinsic value of a company.  We seek to buy stocks selling in the market for less than their intrinsic value. Ultimately the market reflects the true value of a business. Indeed, it is by exploiting the difference between market price and intrinsic value that we make the greatest gains.
  • Absolute Security – Stocks are registered directly in your name, and settlement is against your portfolio bank account over which you have sole signing and transfer authority. We have limited authority to electronically view and manage your portfolio, however we never have physical access to your securities or bank account.

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