Private Equity

“Great investment opportunities come around when excellent companies are surrounded by unusual circumstances that cause the stock to be misappraised.” Warren Buffett

We offer private equity investment to investors who have the mind and money to maximize returns.

Private equity for us is a company selling in the market at a deep discount to its true, real or intrinsic value.

We include the option of these private equity situations in all our portfolios, however some high net worth clients like to invest even more when these opportunities are available.

In recent months one investment has returned 100% to clients.

We are currently investing in a major global company which we expect to double in market value in coming months.

First class balance sheet, business and management. The market just does not see what we see, which is often the case.

$500 million will likely to turn into $1,000 million! These are large numbers, however we are confident they will be realized. Obviously an opportunity of this magnitude will not last, so if you are interested contact us as soon as possible.

Another major corporation we expect to increase up to 50% in market value.

Details are available upon request.

Private equity opportunities present themselves in various ways. The market habitually overreacts to bad news. However, deeper analysis can show an underlying sound business, with a one-off solvable problem.

Anytime something goes down a lot, I look.”  Warren Buffett

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