Australia has vast mineral wealth, high living standards, rapid population growth, a stable Western democracy, the rule of law, a AAA credit rating, and is one of the world’s preeminent investment destinations. 

Australia is

  • the world’s 14th largest economy
  • one of the world’s largest stock markets, with the sixth largest pool of funds under management in the world
  • rated AAA with a stable outlook by all three global rating agencies, characterised by a government budget surplus and low debt
  • forecast to realise average annual real GDP growth of 2.7% over the next five years – the highest among major advanced economies
  • the world’s largest producer of iron ore, gold, and uranium
  • a highly skilled nation where over 40% of the workforce has a tertiary qualification
  • culturally diverse and multilingual, where 28% of the population was born overseas and 3.2 million Australians speak an Asian language and 1.4 million speak a European language
  • a welcoming place to live and work, with six Australian cities ranked in the global top 40 for their quality of living
  • the world’s third most popular destination for students
  • the seventh largest international tourism market.
  • an environment that is ranked in the top 20 out of 190 economies for ease of doing business
  • Judicial independence and strong control of corruption