Why Gavin Ross & Co

Gavin Ross & Co is an independent portfolio management service to high net worth investors requiring specialist professional management of their Australian stock market portfolios.

We are professional investors, with decades of experience, intensely focused on Australian stocks. We provide superior performance based on Warren Buffett value investing

You are unique, special and important to us. We provide you with the highest level of boutique attention, service and advice.

A portfolio of directly owned stocks and real estate investment trusts (REITS) in your name, individually tailored and managed according to your personal requirements, is the best performing, transparent, secure, and least costly way to invest.

Our Superior Performance

Over the past 10 years our portfolios are up 284%, compared to 146% for the market.

The performance is even better for clients who are in a position to take advantage of our focus investing opportunities.

Value Investors (= Safety)

We are conservative, value focused and risk adverse. We never overpay for stocks.

“It’s not risky to buy securities at a fraction of what they’re worth.”  Warren Buffett

All investment begins and ends with value. Markets fluctuate but value is what you are left with when the dust settles. A great business bought at too high a price (or worse!), is never going to be a great investment.

High net worth investors engage us to do this analysis for them.

“I spend 60 hours a week thinking about investments, and most people have got jobs and other things to do. I don’t think you can be a really good investor over a broad range without doing a massive amount of reading. I just read. I read all day. I look at hundreds of annual reports. I think thousands of companies every year. I have to be aware of many companies.”  Warren Buffett

We live and breathe business investing (not to be confused with the stock market).

We have spent decades researching and thinking about investments. Successful investment requires time, intensity, patience, and an ability to act instantly opportunity presents itself. We bring all these strengths to work for you.

Unique Service

We provide a unique service based on superior performance, Australian stock specialists, direct stock portfolios, boutique service, independent, no brokerage, commissions, or conflict of interest, value investing, and absolute security.

Our Edge


“Successful investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time.”
Warren Buffet

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